CCCI rebrand launches at Rolls-Royce

New branding for Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI) was officially launched this week at the stunning Chichester headquarters of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

The new branding, designed by Chichester-based brand specialists TM Design was presented to the packed meeting by Tim Mulkern, owner and Creative Director of TM Design.

Also officially launched was the Chamber’s new business magazine, Chichester Business which will be published bi-annually. Reaction to the magazine and the new branding has been very positive.

A preview of the new branding can be seen here→


The Common Denominator

In a crowded marketplace, where every business in your sector is claiming to offer the best product or service, how do you stand out from the crowd and draw your share of the market?

There is one overarching factor that sets highly successful businesses apart from the ordinary.

In a word, brand.

Some of the most memorable brands have been based on the expertise and goodwill painstakingly created by their founders – for example, Virgin. These brands have, in turn, led to the creation of strings of related businesses under their respective umbrellas, each endorsed, strengthened and given massive credibility by their parent brand.

Taking your business’ brand to the next stage could be key to your success.

Of course, a brand is much more than simply a logo. But the brand identity is the best place to start, as it’s creation, along with it’s subordinate graphic elements (eg. typefaces, photography and image style, layout style), act as an embodiment of your business’ ethos and offer a renewed sense of purpose and destiny, pulling together staff and stakeholders alike and pointing everyone firmly in the same direction.

If you have brand, the possibilities are endless.

Want to know how we create brand identities that position our clients above their competitors? Contact us to find out more. launched

New price comparison website has gone live, with a brand and website design by Chichester-based brand and web design specialists TM Design. The website aims to compete with the likes of gocompare and comparethemarkets.

TM Design created and developed the purse character ‘Percy’ as the centrepiece of the brand. The versatile character will be joined by friends, appear in videos and even TV advertising is planned.

10 steps to building a successful brand

1. Focus on what your business achieves for your customers. Your brand is only good as long as it’s delivering what your customers want.

2. Take ownership of your brand. Pay attention to customers’ needs, but remain in control of what you want your brand to mean to them.

3. Be honest. If you don’t believe in your brand, you can’t really expect anyone else to.

4. Keep it simple. Focus on a manageable number of key brand values.

5. Be consistent. Every aspect of your brand should make customers feel the same way about you.

6. Be thorough. Make sure all your systems and practices help to support your brand.

7. Involve everyone. Make sure all staff understand your brand, believe in it but most importantly, can deliver on its promises. Make sure everyone sees a copy of your Brand Guidelines.

8. Communicate your brand. Letters, emails, website, brochures, leaflets, advertisements, stationery, displays, clothing, signage and vehicles can all help to reinforce your message. But make sure it’s consistent – again, this is where your Brand Guidelines are essential.

9. Meet and exceed your brand promises. Failing, just once, can damage your brand.

10. Manage your brand. Always look for opportunities to make improvements. Don’t be afraid to make changes if the way you do business changes, or if new trends in your market demand them.