Consider this. In your local chemist shop you can buy a pack of 16 Ibuprofen tablets for 39p. But wait – next to them on the shelf you spot a pack of 16 ‘Nurofen’ in their glossy silver box, exuding confidence and trust in their ability to kill your pain. And they’re £2.99.

Why do you want it more? Why do you trust it more? Moreover, why are you happy to pay seven and a half times more?

The reason is that it is a brand.

But that’s pretty much all it has that is different. Which means brand must be a very powerful tool in persuading people to part with their hard-earned cash.

The interesting thing is that branding adds value to businesses too.

We’ve been creating and managing corporate branding for nearly 20 years and understand how effective well designed and original branding can be for businesses of any size.


LMS now has an awesome brand that has been rolled out on all of our business communications. I would say it’s been one of the best investments we have made in our business.

Luke Mead Director


We have a system of stages for getting the best out of a branding project – have a look here.

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