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CCCI rebrand launches at Rolls-Royce

New branding for Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI) was officially launched this week at the stunning Chichester headquarters of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The new branding, designed by Chichester-based brand specialists TM Design was presented to the packed meeting by Tim Mulkern, owner and Creative Director of TM Design. Also officially launched was the […]

Government Growth Vouchers for marketing funding

You could be eligible for up to £2000 to help your business grow. The Department of Business Innovation and Skills has launched an initiative called ‘Growth Vouchers’, whereby businesses can apply for up to £2000 match funding to help with strategic consultancy including marketing, digital technology, raising finance and cash-flow, management skills, recruitment and staff […]

Website grants for small or start-up businesses in Chichester

To drive new and increased business, and to create growth, Chichester District Council’s Economic Development Service is offering focussed grants of up to £1,000 to help establish high quality websites, e-commerce and mobile sites for start-ups and small businesses. Web development has moved extremely fast in recent years, and customer use of the internet has […]

The Common Denominator

In a crowded marketplace, where every business in your sector is claiming to offer the best product or service, how do you stand out from the crowd and draw your share of the market? There is one overarching factor that sets highly successful businesses apart from the ordinary. In a word, brand. Some of the […]

So, what exactly do you do?

When you run a small business, you are the business. You may not have the resources of BP or Nestlé; but what you do have is you. Every relationship you build has the potential to be a business relationship. That means you need to think seriously about how you present yourself (your Personal Brand), and […]

Dump the ‘dit’

With many years of typographical experience, I finally feel compelled to rant about one of my pet typographical hates. You see them everywhere if you look – even produced by so-called ‘respected’ design outfits. A couple of weeks ago, to my amazement, the BBC put out a programme title logo containing one. I’m talking about […]

It’s a sign…

Chichester College has been busy over the summer, rolling out it’s new campus signage designed by Tim Mulkern Design Chichester. The signs were manufactured and installed by local signmakers Supersigns. The project involved over 60 directional and identifier signs of varying complexity over two campuses – Chichester and Brinsbury College. It’s too early to measure […]

Payingtoomuch.com launched

New price comparison website payingtoomuch.com has gone live, with a brand and website design by Chichester-based brand and web design specialists TM Design. The website aims to compete with the likes of gocompare and comparethemarkets. TM Design created and developed the purse character ‘Percy’ as the centrepiece of the brand. The versatile character will be […]

10 steps to building a successful brand

1. Focus on what your business achieves for your customers. Your brand is only good as long as it’s delivering what your customers want. 2. Take ownership of your brand. Pay attention to customers’ needs, but remain in control of what you want your brand to mean to them. 3. Be honest. If you don’t […]