We approach our brand identity projects like this:

Initial briefing
We meet and discuss your project and needs, for which there is no charge.

Project stages
1: We conduct some initial research and prepare some first stage rough design ideas (usually at least 5 or 6) for the new brandmark.

2: Further to this stage we take your thoughts and comments and result of our discussion and develop the preferred design routes (perhaps 2 or 3). At this stage we would consider preferred colours, etc.

3: There is usually by this stage a clear winner. We would then show you the preferred design in context of a selection of applications – in this case business stationery, but could be extended to website, signage, clothing, etc.

4: Once any final adjustments are made we create the final brandmark artwork. You will receive high resolution jpeg or eps files of the brandmark. We also create artwork for the business stationery and can arrange printing for you if required.

5: We start to build a visual ‘language’ for the brand, which includes specified typefaces, layouts, images, colours, etc. These are the building blocks of the brand which ensure complete consistency across your range of communications.

6: This can be formalised, if required, in a simple ‘Brand guidelines‘ document, which forms a permanent reference manual for moving the brand forward.

7: We apply the new brandmark to your complete range of marketing communications:

  • Stationery
  • Reports and publications
  • Brochures and literature
  • Website
  • Signage
  • Vehicles
  • Clothing

We can also offer advice on branding your products if you are a manufacturer

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