10 steps to building a successful brand

1. Focus on what your business achieves for your customers. Your brand is only good as long as it’s delivering what your customers want.

2. Take ownership of your brand. Pay attention to customers’ needs, but remain in control of what you want your brand to mean to them.

3. Be honest. If you don’t believe in your brand, you can’t really expect anyone else to.

4. Keep it simple. Focus on a manageable number of key brand values.

5. Be consistent. Every aspect of your brand should make customers feel the same way about you.

6. Be thorough. Make sure all your systems and practices help to support your brand.

7. Involve everyone. Make sure all staff understand your brand, believe in it but most importantly, can deliver on its promises. Make sure everyone sees a copy of your Brand Guidelines.

8. Communicate your brand. Letters, emails, website, brochures, leaflets, advertisements, stationery, displays, clothing, signage and vehicles can all help to reinforce your message. But make sure it’s consistent – again, this is where your Brand Guidelines are essential.

9. Meet and exceed your brand promises. Failing, just once, can damage your brand.

10. Manage your brand. Always look for opportunities to make improvements. Don’t be afraid to make changes if the way you do business changes, or if new trends in your market demand them.

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